LOWRA= Lake Of The Woods Repeater Association Inc.

The LOWRA group has four repeaters

Roosevelt (147.000-(123.0)) Wanaska (147.090+) North West Angle (147.210+(123.0)) Warroad (443.000+)

ECHOLINK link to the 147.090 repeater = N0MHO-R or node number 82916

Remote Cross-Band Repeater Access to 147.090 from Baudette 446.500 MHZ ctcss tone 123.0 HZ and from Roseau 446.500 MHZ ctcss tone 107.2 HZ

Ham License testing every month, Contact one of the officers

Midwinter Madness Hamfest in Buffalo MN

Superior, Wisconsin HamFest May 05 2018

Grand Forks, ND. HamFest May 05 2018

147.210 repeater at Northwest Angle

(CHECK THIS) 100 watts and a wire(audio pod cast)

(CHECK THIS) Ham Nation Tv Show series staring Bob Heil

(CHECK THIS) AmateurLogic.TV Ham Radio & Technology

If you are interested in getting your Ham Radio license then watch AmateurLogic.TV ham college episodes 1 thru 29 and you should be able to pass your test starting with episode 30 begines general

GE Ham news pamphlet

Info for new and old Hams alike

Ham Radio nets


Contruction Projects


Local Ham radio operators

Local Repeater Codes

L.O.W.R.A. Club information

Leland Hendrickson (President)(KC0IGT) leland69@wiktel.com - Art Johnson (Vice President)(N0MHO) n0mho@arrl.net - Connie Johnson (secretary/treasurer)(N0UWK) rags@wiktel.com