Repeater Codes

Roosevelt Repeater - tx 147.000MHz rx 146.400MHz ctcss tone - 123.0Hz
Code Function
D 73 CW tail enable/disable
D 6 0 Voice ID en/dis 
# 7 Play CW ID
# 8 Play Voice ID
# 0 Touch Tone Pad Test

Wannaska Repeater - tx 147.090MHz rx 147.690MHz ctcss tone - 123.0Hz
Code Function
173 outside temp
174 Time of day
175 S meter
176 Line Voltage
177Output Wattage
178date and time
179controller type and number
180main repeater ID
245resets controller
927super link on
1927super link off

Northwest Angle Repeater - tx 147.210MHz rx 147.810MHz ctcss tone - 123.0Hz
Code Function 
2301 S-Meter (not functional yet)
2302 AC Line Voltage (not functional yet)
2315 Internal Controller Temp
2316 Internal Controller Voltage
55 and then the Touch-Tone buttons to test(55123 Controller will read one,two,three)

Warroad Repeater - tx 443.000MHz rx 448.000MHz ctcss tone - 123.0Hz
Code Function