Ham Radio Equipment For Sale

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Kenwood HF transceiver TS-430s, power supply PS-430, MFJ 941D tuner. $375
Dennis Monkman  WD0TM
Salol, MN 56756
218-463-0175  Monkmandc@gmail.com

2.4GHz antennas
Andrews 26T-2400-1 2.4 ghz 23 db gain antennas. - 15.00 each

Weather proof box that can be mounted to a tower for a remote project.
Solid welded aluminum with a cover, has 16 screws holding it on.
For remote tuner, remote coax switch, tower mounted amplifier or pre-amp. - $10.00

Art Johnson
Roseau, Minn

3 CB radios
Jason Lichtsinn
Warroad, MN